Our Campus


The simple hopes and dreams of the founders of Salem continue to be realized to this day, even though they may be on a far larger scale than ever envisioned. Meeting at first in homes to pray, the founders quickly established Salem as a congregation in 1851 on three acres of land on the hill in northwest Harris County.
Our campus consists of over 50 acres of property accommodating a Worship Center, Christian Day School, Early Childhood Center, Community Center and Family Center.

Worship Center:

Our third Worship Center in our history, was dedicated in 1996, after a fire destroyed our previous facilities. With the utmost care and intentionality, the Worship Center was designed in the shape of a cross. Hanging above the altar is an artistic rendering of the Jerusalem cross, from which Salem derives its name, meaning Peace. The cross represents the four trumpets proclaiming Christ to the four corners of the earth...north, south, east and west.

Community Center:

Dedicated in 2008, Salem's Community Center houses Alodia Sports and Fitness, Salem Early Childhood and Kindergarten as well as Salem Student Ministry and Children's Ministry. The building has a double gymnasium where state and local tournaments are held through Alodia Sports and our own school athletics department.


Our school was first founded in 1852 with a one-room school and one teacher for all 8 grades. Needless to say, we've come a long way since then! Now our school has 600 students, a full dedicated staff and faculty for Early Childhood through 8th grades. We have a soccer field, football field, and multiple gyms. Our school is accredited and a National Exemplary School. Salem Lutheran School.

Hilltop Gym:

Hilltop Gym sits on the original 3.5 acres site of our first church built in 1885. Hilltop Gym was the original Early Childhood center and now serves as our Mission Center and a Spanish-speaking church (on Sunday mornings). It is also used by Alodia and Salem School as a gym for volleyball and basketball.

Historical Archives Center:

With Salem's rich history in the community, we have our own archive center operated by volunteers with roots in northwest Harris County. It is housed in what was previously the Salem parsonage. We keep accurate and historical records of founding families, baptism, deaths, birth and marriage records.

For questions or inquiries to our archives, please contact the church office, 281.351.8223.