mission.pngOur mission statement describes the essence of what we’re here to do, providing direction and purpose to our activities.

We are … Imperfect people, risking it all to make Jesus real, one life at a time.

Simple. And profound. It provides direction for the Salem movement.


Our values define the Salem experience. They’re the fire that burns in our hearts and drives us forward.

  • values.pngCompelling Grace - God’s grace is so amazing that it compels us to respond in faith.
  • Pioneering Servanthood - We step out of our comfort zones to serve the people around us.
  • Openly Transformed - The reality of Jesus deeply changes who we are and how we see the world.
  • Courageous Influence - God invites us to boldly demonstrate and share His message of hope and grace.
  • God-honoring Excellence - Everything we do should reflect the excellence of our Creator.

These values, when they catch fire in our hearts, drive us to pursue our mission with passion and commitment.


How do we live out our mission on a regular basis? There are three main ways that we pursue our mission together.

  • strategy.pngDiscover - Jesus’ truth is timeless. The more we discover its width and depth it transforms the way we think, act and speak, transforming and deepening our lives, so we have several specific Discover environments that focus on worship and education.
  • Connect - To follow Christ is to join a movement of restoration and hope that is big enough for the whole world. While each one of us must step into this reality personally, we are not alone— and our Connect environments provide an opportunity for us to experience the movement of all of us following Jesus together.
  • Impact - Jesus consistently invites us to risk it all for him, to step out of our comfort zones and to try new things and go to new places. Serving together provides the stability we need in order to boldly impact our community and world.

By engaging in these activities, we take practical steps toward fulfilling our mission.


What does the mission look like when it starts to happen? Our measures describe what happens in our lives as we pursue the mission together.

  • measures.pngAm I clear about who I am?
  • Am I sharing my story?
  • Am I concerned with others?
  • Am I becoming like Jesus?
  • Am I living generously?

When we see these statements becoming true in our lives and in the lives of those around us, we know we’re living our mission, moving forward together.

Kind of like hitting the bullseye.


So what does your reality consist of?

Salem Lutheran Church is a movement of people who are pursuing life based on the reality of Jesus more and more every day, and are working together to expand its impact in our homes, communities, and around the world ... one life at a time.

Will you join us?