Tim Niekerk

Senior Pastor

I know it is not always easy to make church a priority, especially on a busy weekend. I also know a life without Jesus is an empty life. I have seen that despite my shortcomings and failures, God continues to reach out to me through his compelling grace and acceptance. My passion is to help people pursue real life, one where they know their identity if found in being one of God’s children and not in what they have accomplished. I believe the local church is the hope of the world and, in a remarkable string of events, I find myself leading Salem at a time in our history where popular culture sees the church as irrelevant. My hope for our family at Salem is to discover who God is, connect with new friends in a life group, and pursue real life as we impact our community and world for Jesus.


Doug Dommer

Teaching Pastor

I love being part of a church where people, no matter how broken or messed up they are, can still make a huge difference in life. Because God is always in the process of changing us to become more like Himself, all of us are on a journey together. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just discovered His love for you, are growing in that love, or giving that love away to those that need it most; Salem is a place you can COME like you are and BECOME more than you ever believed possible. I invite you to join us in this timeless reality of God's grace and love.


Tim Carter

Life Care Pastor

Salem is a family that my wife Jill and I are so thankful to be a part of because we need a lot of grace, as does the rest of this family, and we all build each other up. The culture here at Salem is one of all of us doing life together, in fun and in struggle, good times and in bad. We're not ashamed to belong to Jesus as the head of this family and we strive to grow closer to Him daily so we can represent Him well to our community. God has gathered hundreds of families from every life stage here in a fellowship that blesses us mightily so we can bless others.