Planning Ahead for Eternity

It's always hard when we lose a loved one. It's hard to think of our own eternity as well. But because we are assured of our identity in Christ, we know that heaven is a Christ-followers ultimate reward.

We want to be able to help walk you through the steps of making funeral arrangements. In fact, we encourage you to make your arrangements well before the appointed time God has for you! This lessens the burden on your loved ones.

Since this is such a sensitive topic, we encourage you to make an appointment with Marty Paluch to help walk you through the process. It's much more than just picking out a tombstone! It's about leaving a legacy.

Please call the church office at 281.351.8223 or fill out our Contact Us form and we'll be sure Marty gets it.

215x215cemeteryimage.jpgSalem Lutheran Historic Cemetery

Salem’s Christian cemetery is a garden blooming with testimony to the faith of those who preceded us in death. Salem’s founding families possessed a faith that settled a frontier, built a church, a school, and a community of believers all to glorify God and share the gospel message of Jesus in a new world. The lives commemorated in this place were the lives God used to carry out His work and to make Salem the dynamic center of ministry it is today. The legacies of our founding families are honored as Salem continues to be a “city on a hill” letting “its light shine” (Matthew 5:14) for the greater Tomball area and around the world as it boldly proclaims the truth of God’s Word in worship, ministry, and mission.