Children FAQ's

1) What children’s ministry programming is offered during each Sunday morning service?
  • Nursery ministry and age-appropriate teaching and activities for children ages birth-Pre-K (Discover World) is offered during all Sunday worship services at Salem. Discover World offers an exciting and unique opportunity for childen to learn that God made them, loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Discover World includes action Bible time, fun and interactive worship, and puppets.
  • Children ages Kindergarten-4th grade will be dismissed part-way through the 9am worship service for an age-appropriate teaching time called "Pause" which is held in the Clubhouse in the Community Center.
  • Children ages 5th-6th grade, called "SHAPE," are expected to stay in the 9am worship service with their parents unless they are serving as a SHAPE volunteer on that specific Sunday.
  • Children ages Kindergarten-6th grade (Discover Club and Discover Town) can participate in full Children’s Ministry programming during the entire 10:45am worship service called "Plug In" which includes small group and large group teaching and connection and is located in various rooms in the Community Center.
2) Where do I drop off and pick-up my child(ren)?
  • Children in Discover World (birth-Pre-K) may be dropped off and picked up in the clearly marked area in the back corner of the Community Center lower level after either worship service.  
  • Children in Kindergarten-4th grade who have been dismissed for "Pause" can either be picked up in the Clubhouse after the 9am service or in their classroom after the 10:45am worship service. Children dismissed for "Pause" who have not been picked up will be taken to "Play" in the PlayLand for K-2nd grades (Discover Club) and upstairs CC2002 for 3rd-6th grades (Discover Town).
  • Children in Discover Club (K-2nd) and Discover Town (3rd-6th) must be dropped off in their classrooms before the 10:45am. Discover Club will hang out in the PlayLand for "Play" between services. Discover Town will hang out in upstairs CC2002 for "Play" between services. Children in Discover Club and Discover Town must be picked up in their classroom after the 10:45 am.

*All Children's Ministry classrooms are located in the Community Center.*

3) How do I check in my child(ren) for Children’s Ministry programming?
  • All of the check-in for Discover World happens in the lower level of the Community Center before either worship service.
  • Children in Discover World (birth-Pre-K) receive a name tag and a colored and numbered wristband. Parents receive an identical colored and numbered wristband. Children in Discover World are not release to anyone without the identical wristband. We also give parents a pager if such a need would arise to contact them during the worship service. Parents' cell phone numbers are also considered a secondary back-up to the pager system.
  • Children in Discover Club and Discover Town receive two name tags. One name tag is for the child to wear and the other is for parents to keep to show Children's Ministry leaders when picking up their children.
  • Please note: Children who are checked in for "Pause" and are staying for "Plug In" do not need to check in twice.
4) What ages can attend the Children’s Ministry programming?
  • Discover World is designed for the youngest children, ages birth-Pre-K.
  • Discover Club is designed for children ages Kindergarten-2nd grade.
  • Discover Town is designed for children ages 3rd-6th grade.
  • SHAPE is a special leadership development group for all 5th and 6th graders.  SHAPE leaders regularly help with various roles during Sunday morning Children’s Ministry programming.  SHAPE also meets once a month for additional fellowship, faith-building, and service activities.
5) I have other specific questions or concerns.  Who do I contact?
  • Please contact Salem’s Director of Children’s Ministry, Jason Schleicher, at or 281-351-8223.