5th and 6th Grade Missions

Two to three times per year, 5th and 6th graders have the opportunity to participate in a mission experience in the Houston’s Third Ward. This is Salem’s third year to be in partnership with the modest house-based Adolphus Church, pastored by Reverend John Ojode and his family. We have grown to love Pastor John and the people in that community – and in turn, church members and those living in the neighborhood 5th-6th-missions.jpgalways warmly welcome our groups. Our mission experience typically involves large-scale neighborhood service projects, followed by a jointly presented outreach program in Moses Leroy Park. Volunteers paint and repair houses, mow lawns, walk through the neighborhood distributing invitation fliers, and much more. Evening programs always provide a welcoming atmosphere through the use of music, kid-friendly games, and the aroma of hamburgers cooking on the grill. Once people gather, drama, music, and a message is shared with the people. Over the years we have seen people transition from program attendees to very involved church members. Adolphus Church is a member of the LINC Houston network of congregations, and our work among them is supported and undergirded by the staff of LINC. For more information on 5th and 6th grade missions, you can contact the Missions and Outreach Coordinator, Catherine Bluege, at cbluege@salem4u.com.