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101 | Discovering God - This is Salem's membership class that allows you to learn historic doctrines important to Lutherans and the values unique to Salem Lutheran Church. You will discover who God is and the recurring themes of the Bible.

301 | Make Jesus Real In Your Home - Have you ever wanted to talk about faith stuff at home and didn’t know where to start?  Do your dinner conversations feel stagnant?  Have you always wanted to pray with your kids before bed and didn’t know how?  Join Amanda Rendon as we talk about these things that matter together so when you leave the walls of Salem you can continue the conversations within your own walls. 

401 | Loving the Unlovable - The Word of God will knock on every heart's door and take us one step closer to being a man or woman after God's own heart as this class addresses one of the biggest human weaknesses - which is to not be so quick to give grace as much as we are to receive it.

501 | The Reason For God - This video-based study with Timothy Keller will help you learn how to engage others in dialogue on common objections to Christianity. Learn how to field questions from "Hasn't science disproved Christianity?" to "How can God be full of love and wrath at the same time?"

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