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God Of The Unknown: Elijah and the Widow at Zarephath

May 24, 2020

Teaching Pastor: Jason Schleicher

Scripture: 1 Kings 17, Psalm 139

Message Series: God of the Unknown

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Message Series

God of the Unknown

In uncertainty, God is still present.


Reading through the Gospel According To Mark.

Christmas 2019

Christmas Eve worship services from 2019.


Looking at the prophesies of Christmas.

Fool Proof

Discovering wisdom from the Book of Proverbs.


Reflecting on the Reformation.


Cracking the code to Compelling Grace, Pioneering Servanthood, Openly Transformed, Courageous Influence, and God-Honoring Excellence.

Now What?

Appreciating seasons of life.


Proverbs 22:6


Learning to pray through the words Jesus taught us in the Lord's Prayer.


Let your yes be yes.


When life is out of control, take a moment and just breathe.

Ash Wednesday 2019

Transformation in 40 days.


Scripture passages that have guided 38 years of Doug Dommer's ministry.

Worth It

Isn't it time we invest in something that's truly worth it?

Who Cares

After all our resolutions are broken, who cares?

Christmas Presence

How does the presence of Christ change Christmas?

Ghost Stories

True tales of the Holy Ghost.

Ready. Set.

We need community. We need connection. We need each other.

Love Rules

What if we saw the Ten Commandments in a whole new light?


The twisted story of one of the Bible's most famous heroes.


Out of the ashes, beauty will rise.


Shattering Satan's foothold before it becomes a stronghold.

This Is Real Life

Experiencing real life with real truth from scripture.

Ask It

What if you could ask all the questions you're afraid to ask?

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