“Sigh…there goes another summer Snoopy!”

-Charlie Brown

I think most of us resonate with Charlie Brown’s sentiment. Our summer break is now a memory.

Changing seasons give us insight into God’s design for our world. The cycle of new life, growth, harvest and rest are His strategies for sustaining vibrancy in life. However, because of imperfect people, this world was taken down a path God never intended, one leading us into lives often less than vibrant.

Thankfully, God had a three-point strategy for restoring real life to a sinful world. Jesus lived as a human, died in our place and was raised from the dead. Because we believe that truth, our lives are transformed. Free from the fear of eternal death, we live with joy and hope, eager to spread the news of God’s healing grace.

Salem’s work together has a mission: We’re imperfect people, risking it all, to make Jesus real, ONE life at a time. That’s WHAT we do. We have a vision: Every ONE knows a real Jesus. That’s the WHY behind the mission. Our vision tells us when our mission will be complete.

Mission and a vision excite and motivate, but strategies focus our efforts for effective ministry. Our midyear report this year is not crowded with statistics. I’m sharing some I think reflect the continued progress in our mission, so I can emphasize our strategies, the HOW of our mission.

Discover in Worship, Connect in Community, Impact in Service.

I’m sure these fast facts about our life together will encourage your heart for ministry and your love for our Salem family.

Tim Niekerk Signature
Tim Niekerk, Senior Pastor
Tim Niekerk, Senior Pastor

Strategy 1 – Discover

Worship is our first response to God’s grace to us in Jesus. As we pour out our hearts in praise, God pours His Spirit into our hearts. Worship brings true purpose to our lives and gives meaning to all we do. Worship imparts to us God’s highest will to bring all people together in Jesus and moves us into the world to express authentic love for others.


Total Worship Attendance


Received Faith in Baptism


Average Weekly Online


Average Weekly Worship


New Confirmands 

“For in Him we live and move and have our being…” Acts 17:28

"I want our vision to rise above the ordinary to see God's horizon..."

"I want our vision to rise above the ordinary to see God's horizon..."

Strategy 2 – Connect

We Connect as followers of Jesus Christ. We bring to the world a model for community reflecting the character of God and the certain hope of Heaven. Designed for relationship, we regularly gather with friends around the study of God’s Word for support, encouragement and accountability.


Current Connect Groups


Connect Group Participants


Church Online Group


Active Online Members


States/Countries Reached Online


Connections at Salem Events


Salem Facebook Likes

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

"I want our hearts to beat in anticipation of meeting Jesus face to face..."

"I want our hearts to beat in anticipation of meeting Jesus face to face..."

Strategy 3 – Impact

The heart of God in us is made evident through our service to all people. As agents of God’s mercy and grace in Jesus, we break down barriers created by sin and build bridges to hope and healing through the good we do in joyful anticipation of the life to come.


Goods and services provided 


Through Heart for Texas


Heart for Texas Homes Served


Work Groups Hosted from 24 States


Total Mission Trips Since 1996


Salem Missionaries this Year


Acts of Mercy/Gospel Presentations

"I want our hands to touch the heart of the hurting..."

"I want our hands to touch the heart of the hurting..."

Closing Thoughts

Salem’s 2018-2019 ministry year kicks off August 19 with a teaching series we’re calling “Ready, Set, ____________!” focused on energizing you to take the next step in your discipleship path, particularly in group ministry. Being part of a Connect Group is a vital component of your spiritual and emotional vitality. If you’re in one now, you know the value it holds in your life. If you have yet to begin or are wondering what they’re all about, I promise you won’t regret getting connected.

By God’s design, your active participation and commitment in the life of Salem is one of God’s strategies to show the world who His people are. His covenant with us calls us to a family relationship so our life together strengthens our life as an individual. Members of a church family unite to give and receive encouragement, love and support so the light of God’s grace in Jesus shines for all people.

I am looking forward to a ministry year promising to draw us all deeper into our relationship with God as we discover through worship, connect with friends and impact the world for eternity!

Family Business

Total Giving


  • $213,683.58
  • $761,073.94
  • $2,910,555.73




Total Expenses


Membership by Gender


Membership by Age

  • 21%
  • 10%
  • 27%
  • 35%
  • 6%


Average Age of Salem Member

“See to it that no ONE misses the Grace of God.” Hebrews 12:15

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