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Heart for Honduras works with local Honduran doctors, dentists, and pastors to provide medical, dental, vision and spiritual care through 5-day clinics, twice a year, supporting up to 5000 people per mission. Asset-based community development and clean water projects are also part of our ongoing partnership with the Honduran people.

Heart for Honduras is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Click on the DONATE button below to make contributions directly to Heart for Honduras.


Honduras Exposure Trip Focus

We are excited about your interest in joining us for one of our Honduras Mission Exposure Trips! The purpose of these short trips is to introduce you to the friends, partners, projects and culture that we have come to love in Honduras. You will spend time in Chamelecón with the families who are the beneficiaries of our Homes for Hope campaign, hear their stories and participate in a house-blessing. The trip will conclude in the beach town of Téla to discuss and debrief what you have experienced, and hopefully inspire you to return on a longer medical, vision, and dental mission in the future.

Trip Cost: $600 - covers airfare, ground transportation, food and lodging.
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Heart for Honduras Mission Focus

Provide dental, medical and vision clinics in different areas of Honduras. Partner with local ministers to promote gospel demonstration and proclamation as they serve their congregations and neighbors. We make long term commitments to certain areas in Honduras to be part of the community development process. With the guidance and wisdom of local leaders, and evidence of improved health and development in an area, we consider new partnerships in other communities in Honduras. We are currently working in the city of Chamelecón, near San Pedro Sula. In addition to raising funds to help families rebuild their homes after the devastating dual hurricanes of 2020, we are also now providing dental, medical and vision clinics in Chamelecón and partnering with Water Mission ( to provide clean water to this community.
Heart for Honduras is a registered 501(c) (3) charitable organization.

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Cost: $1000 (full package) / $750 (no airfare option)

The total cost for each mission is approximately $2,500 per participant (includes airline ticket, Honduras ground transportation, most meals, lodging, medicine, supplies and equipment, etc.) Expenses beyond the $1000 participant fee are subsidized by donations to Heart for Honduras from Salem Lutheran Church.

Do I need a Passport? 

You will need to secure a passport. If you have an existing passport, make sure it is current and will still be current for at least 6 months past our return date. No visa is required for Honduras if you are a U.S. citizen. CLICK HERE for Passport Information. Be mindful that it can take up to 3 months to receive your passport. 

What about airline tickets? 

Heart for Honduras will be purchasing airline tickets for the group through United Airlines. If you would like to make plans to stay longer in Honduras, please work with Jill Boldt to coordinate that. Additional cost may be required if your modified itinerary’s ticket cost difference is significant. Alternatively, you could purchase or use frequent flyer miles, and pay a reduced mission trip registration fee.

Airport Information 

If you live outside of the Houston area, you will be responsible for your travel to and from Houston. Arrive at George Bush International Airport 3 hours before your schedule time of departure. Everybody needs to help quickly unload the footlockers from the delivery trailer. From there, the team will check-in as a group, distributing the footlockers of supplies between each participant.  


You will need to pack lightly. Each team member will be allowed only one regulation size carry-on bag and one backpack (or bag small) to go under the seat. You will not be able to check bags because that allotted amount will be used for the footlockers. Each team member is allowed one-gallon size bag of items over the 3 oz. limit for liquids and sharps (shampoos, etc.). These bags go in a separate footlocker for team members.  Heart for Honduras counts on the luggage allotment assigned by the airline to use for medicines and supplies. Therefore, if your return itinerary deviates from the team’s, you will be responsible for returning these 3 footlockers to Salem’s campus upon your return to Houston. 

What to wear?

When in Honduras, the medical, dental, vision, and ministry teams usually wear surgical scrubs (especially tops) while working because they are cool and comfortable and help to identify you as a team member. You will need a set for each day unless you chose to use the laundry service at the hotel. Comfortable shoes are recommended since you will mostly be on concrete floors. You will want to take a light-weight jacket since we will be in the mountains where it is cooler at times. Comfortable clothes can be worn at the hotel. Shorts are ok as long as they reach knee length. Keep in mind that Honduras is a conservative country, and we would like to respect that and also to represent Christ well in all that we do, including our clothing.

Do I need any immunizations?

Use the following list as a general precaution. They are not required by the Honduran government. Contact your personal physician or a travel clinic to discuss these immunizations.

Tetanus: This should be kept current.
Hepatitis A: Two vaccinations 6 months apart - important for persons visiting rural areas, eating or drinking in settings of poor or uncertain sanitation, or who will have close contact with local persons, especially young children.
Hepatitis B: Three vaccinations (first two - one month apart, third - 6 months later). Strongly advised for health care workers on this trip.
Anti-Malaria pills: Often recommended when going to coastal areas in Honduras.

How can I be more involved and get to know the team better?

Join us! The team meets at 7:00 PM (Central time) on the second Tuesday of almost every month throughout the year. Come as often as you can. You never know what help or information you may be able to offer the team. Contact Jill Boldt ( for more details. Your team leaders can also answer questions you may have leading up to the trip.

How can I raise support money?

A good old-fashioned support letter to friends and family is a good place to start. Plan ahead and save up for the trip. Need-based scholarships from Salem Lutheran Church are also available – contact Paul Cheney –


If you would like to bring some spending money, $200 should be enough. This is at your discretion; it is just what we recommend. You will be able to trade US dollars for Lempiras and back again at the airport in San Pedro Sula. You will need enough for snacks at lunch and beverages during the day. Breakfast and dinner are provided through the hotel in your mission cost.


We only drink bottled water while in Honduras. The hotel will provide you with one bottle a day in your room. It is suggested that you also use bottled water to brush your teeth. To have obtain more water, there will be groups going to the grocery store during the week for snacks and drinks. Please make sure you stay with the team at all times when stepping outside of the hotel area.

Hotel Information

Heart for Honduras will book your rooms. This may change from mission to mission. This information will be sent out to registered team members as the mission date approaches.

Payment can be made by credit card at the time of online registration. You may send checks that are made out to "Heart for Honduras" and mail them to this address:
Salem Lutheran Church, 22601 Lutheran Church Rd., Tomball, TX 77377

Heart for Honduras Mission Trip Approximate Schedule

FALL:  February
SPRING:  September

Thursday (Travel Day)

  • Fly from Houston to San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • Lunch, Shopping for supplies
  • Set up for Clinic
  • Dinner at Hotel - Evening Team Devotions & Fellowship

Friday, Saturday (Clinic Days)

  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Travel to Clinic Location
  • Medical/Dental/Vision Clinic
  • Dinner at Hotel - Evening Team Meeting & Fellowship

Sunday (Free Day)

  • Free day. Activities TBD

Monday, Tuesday (Clinic Days)

  • Breakfast  at Hotel
  • Travel to Clinic Location
  • Medical/Dental/Vision Clinic
  • Dinner at Hotel - Evening Team Meeting & Fellowship

Wednesday (Travel Day)

  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Fly from San Pedro Sula to Houston
  • Work together to load footlockers back into trailer
  • Tell everyone your best story from the week and invite them to join you next time!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Blessings as you consider joining our team!

 CLICK HERE to read about the history of our Honduras missions.

Kevin Pieper, H4H Executive Director
Cell: 281-635-2400 Email:

Paul Cheney, Director of Missions & Outreach
Cell: 281-380-7051 Email:

Jill Boldt, Missions & Outreach Coordinator
Work: 281-351-8223 Email: